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Call for Demos

This is a call for proposals to demonstrate systems, prototypes, critical technology components and algorithms at EAI CROWNCOM 2018, which will be held in Gent, Belgium, 18 – 19 September 2018.

Similar to previous years, we will provide the opportunity to conduct live demonstrations of cognitive radio systems. The event will offer an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate and interact with other world-leading researchers in the field of cognitive radio networks and dynamic spectrum access.

To participate in the demonstration and experimentation activities, candidates shall complete the demonstration form to provide a description of the planned demonstration and/or experimentation.

The EAI CROWNCOM 2018 Demonstration Committee will evaluate the proposals based on the three criteria:

Technical Significance: how important and novel is the demonstration to the community.

Demonstration Maturity: the demonstration must be mature enough “to leave the lab.” Demonstrations involving RF transmissions must include a priori or in situ risk mitigation measures to ensure regulatory compliance and coexistence with other spectrum users.

Demonstration Supportability: how the intended demonstration will fit to the EAI CROWNCOM  program, and will it be possible to conduct such demonstration given regulatory and physical constraints, e.g., space and time span.



All proposal submissions shall attach a 2-page abstract, which describes to the general audience the purposes and functionalities of the developed demonstrator.

Papers should be submitted through EAI ‘Confy‘ system, and have to comply with the Springer format (see Author’s kit section).

How do I submit a paper in Confy?

  1. Go to Confy website
  2. Login or sign up as new user
  3. Scroll the list of conferences open for submission
  4. Select CROWNCOM 2018 and navigate to the DEMO track
  5. Click the ‘submit a paper’ link and follow the instructions

Submission guidelines

Abstracts should be in English. Demonstration abstracts should be up to 2 pages in length.  The abstract submissions must follow the SPRINGER formatting guidelines (see Author’s kit section). Read the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.


2 page demo abstracts will be included in the CROWNCOM proceedings, but will not be indexed in SpringerLink Digital Library.




August 30, 2018


September 6, 2018


September 14, 2018


Regulations and Transportation

Regulatory licenses will be negotiated and procured by the demonstration committee based on submitted system capabilities. It is therefore necessary to have knowledge of all possible frequency ranges a device is capable of using, as certain frequencies are restricted for experimental use in Sweden.

It is the responsibility of each demonstration participant to secure shipping and handling of their equipment to and from the demonstration site.

Other points to take note:

Moving large amounts of electronics through an airport (especially customs) is going to take time. Consider using airfreight for transferring equipment. Otherwise, prepare well in advance and be sure to have all supporting documentation on hand.

It is also advised that participants consider insurance for any hardware during the symposium and shipping process.

Demonstration Committee Contact Information

Submission and general inquiries:

Demonstration Chairs

Sofie Pollin – [email protected]

Ivan Seskar- [email protected]

EAI Institutional Members